Thursday, July 6, 2017

She Back! And She Won't Shut Up!

“Step Six: did I already use six? Doesn’t matter, man. There are rules and you gotta accept ‘em. Note to myself. Write this shit down before I forget. And hell, maybe this is the most important. Rule numero uno! You need at least one punk friend. Fuck man! You cannot do this alone. Go it alone and you’re just going to get beat up a hell of a lot more than necessary. And by the wah-wah, you will get beat up. Man, you’re a punk. Look around, this is redneck territory, and they don’t take kindly to city folk, fags or foreigners and you are emulating them all. But it’s okay they didn’t like us hippy dippies either. And shush! Pay attention: those scars that you are going to get— and I cannot stress enough, you will get scared—they build character. Not the fucking character that your dad is always saying you need to build. See you’re trying to build something. Something bigger than you. What you want is a uniform, you wanna look like your part of the band. High school is just a big drama, a tragicomic musical and you want to create a character that looks like she belongs, belongs anywhere but here. Get a friend. Get a bunch of them. ‘Cuz I tell you. Two is not enough for slam dancing.”

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